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The Council collects and posts information on LGBT rights in all regions of the world. Our mission is to disseminate that information to foreign policy leaders in the United States.  We do not produce our own human rights documentation but rely on our member organizations to share their documentation.

In this section, we only list those countries for which we have received recent reports or other information on LGBT rights. If a country is not listed, that does not imply a lack of concern. There are serious human rights concerns in many countries where we lack concrete documentation. The State Department's annual human rights report, which catalogues LGBT human rights concerns in all countries, may outline some of those concerns in countries that have not otherwise received significant attention from organizations that regularly document human rights conditions.

Download a 2010 compendium of LGBT Human rights concerns as stated by the U.S. Department of State for South and Central Asia (report released on April 8, 2011).